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Mariusz Stanczak Mariusz at fbits.ttank.com
Wed Apr 17 17:01:26 AEST 1991

In article <6386 at acorn.co.uk>, agodwin at acorn.co.uk (Adrian Godwin) writes:
> A number of companies sell daughter boards - some of them based on the
> Motorola app. note - as an upgrade for the Commodore Amiga. It seems to 
> generally held that they only manage about a 40% performance increase 
> UNLESS they're also fitted with 32-bit memory - otherwise, the use of
> the '020 in 16-bit mode severely limits its performance. 

	Yes, so do others for the Mac... the question for me would be
    are those boards system specific, i.e. do they assume (and "solve")
    anything about the hardware/software quirks of the given system
    for which they are marketed?

> However, since most of these boards directly replace the Amiga's 68pin 
> DIP 68000, and are intended to fit inside the limited space available 
> inside an A500, they may be useable on the 3b1. This would at least reduce 
> the problem to the software part [...]

	So, as above... what would be the pitfals(sp).  If such a "card"
    wouldn't be hardware specific, and (correct me anybody) since most
    of *nix is written in C, the stuff written for '010 should run on
    '040 as the later is a superset of the former.  If the compiler
    writer didn't screw it up in the first place, that is (but then the
    chances are that that was not the case as, most likely the compiler
    used was the AT&T's "portable" `pcc').

> Apologies if the thought of putting an Amiga upgrade inside your 3b1 
> offends you :-).

	Could it? ;-)  Hey, for me, if it works (even with ONLY(?) a 40%
    boost) I'll take it NOW, even if it ment having had to add an "a"
    (for Amiga) to the 3b1 logo on the nameplate ;-) (but NOT if it ment
    being banned from this newsgroup for commiting such heresey(sp))

> -adrian
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