martin.zam marz at
Mon Apr 29 08:41:24 AEST 1991

I must thank Xang Wu (I hope I remembered that right) for the suggestion
of the day!  My query about splitting my news articles across 2 3B1s
got him thinking about Starlan and the BSD style nifties at OSU-CIS.
This in turn got me thinking that users of Starlan1 and these utilities
might be able to tell me whether or not this is workable.

Is anyone out there using 3B1 Starlan?  Are you using the OSU-CIS utilities?
Can I share files (news articles) across the 2 systems?

Before I try and retrieve the utilities to get the README type files,
does anyone know if this package adds much to the basic Starlan?  

If all of this works, I will be in the market for 2 starlan cards for active
use and a spare, just in case.  Anyone looking to sell these cards, hopefully
with docs and software?

						Thanks in advance,
						Martin Zam

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