sc dumps core with cursor keys on 3b1

Jonathan I. Kamens jik at
Mon Apr 29 20:10:17 AEST 1991

  I would encourage you to get the most recent version of sc and check if the
problems persist in that version before spending any time tracking them down.

  The most recent version of sc available is 6.14.

  It is available from the following locations:

1) (FTP) jpd at James Dugal

2) (UUCP) marc at (Marco S Hyman)
    dumbcat Any ACU 9600 14157850194 "" \d\r in:--in: nuucp word: guest
    dumbcat Any ACU 2400 14157850194 "" \d\r in:-BREAK-in: nuucp word: guest
    dumbcat Any ACU 1200 14157850194 "" \d\r in:-BREAK-in:-BREAK-in: nuucp word: guest
  Note: dumbcat speaks 9600 at V.32 -- sorry, this is not a Telebit modem.
  (Grab dumbcat!~/INDEX for a complete list)

3) or from here: (a brand new Telebit T2500)
    sawmill Any ACU 9600 13174746472 "" \d\r in:--in: nuucp word: UUCP
	Request: uucp sawmill!~/sc614.cpio.Z !~ (142986 bytes)
	Or for Sc6.13 to Sc6.14 patches: uucp sawmill!~/Scpch613-614.Z !~
		(5413 bytes)

  Note that even if you don't have Internet access, you *can* get to anonymous
ftp archive sites, using the bitftp server on  Send mail
to "bitftp at" with body "help" for more information.

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