Binaries needed for 7300

Reid M. Pinchback REIDMP at MAINE.BITNET
Thu Apr 25 09:13:31 AEST 1991

A friend of mine has a 7300, with version 3.0 Unix on it, and only
the foundation set (he got it cheap at a flea market).  I'm trying
to track down ftp/mail-serv'able *binaries* of the following:
    nawk or gawk (since the existing awk is a pre-1985 version)
    a recent version of less (current is I think 177)
    any kind of word processor (as opposed to a text editor)
    any kind of hardware diagnostic utilities

In addition, if anybody knows a cheap/free source of the developer,
text, and diagnostic packages for the 7300, that would be handy to know!

Thanks in advance

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