pascal compilers for the 3b1??

Daryl Biberdorf dlb5404 at
Wed Apr 17 03:25:40 AEST 1991

In article <649 at av8tr.UUCP> elliston at av8tr.UUCP (Keith Elliston) writes:
>Are there any public domain pascal compilers around for the 3b1?  I have a
>set of phylogeny programs that I would like to get to run on mine, but I
>don't have pascal.

You might take a look at the Modula-2 compiler on OSU-CIS
(  Modula-2 is similar enough to
Pascal that porting shouldn't be a problem.  You'll have to
capitalize the keywords and such, but otherwise Modula-2 is
a superset of Pascal.

--Daryl Biberdorf,  dlb5404 at
  Texas A&M University

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