MGR on 3b1, and configuration

paul kirkaas kirkaas at
Mon Apr 22 08:34:25 AEST 1991

Three questions re. MGR

1) I am unlikely to ever open my case and install a vidpal board.  I
never heard about the vidpal emulator before --- what kind of performance 
cost does it take?  What will happen to my machine performance (consumption
of resources, speed of execution) if I switch from UA to MGR w. vidpal

2) Will MGR allow me to use the phone manager still as I do now?  Will
it take less space on my hard disk than this silly UA environment?

3) Where is all this stuff??  I just logged in to,
and couldn't find any 3b1 stuff any more?  What happened to it?  Do
we have another archive site now that I didn't hear about, or did
I just not look in the right place on ohio-state?



Paul Kirkaas
kirkaas at

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