pascal compilers for the 3b1??

Tom Tkacik tkacik at
Tue Apr 16 21:00:53 AEST 1991

In article <649 at av8tr.UUCP>, elliston at av8tr.UUCP (Keith Elliston) writes:
> Are there any public domain pascal compilers around for the 3b1?  I have a
> set of phylogeny programs that I would like to get to run on mine, but I
> don't have pascal.

There have been to Pacal to C translators posted to the net.
I believe one was from Sweeden?, and the other from Caltech.
They have similar names, ptoc, and p2c.  I have only looked at them
briefly, but have heard recommendations for both.

They should be available at your nearest sources archive.

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