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Lenny Tropiano lenny at risctakr.austin.ibm.com
Mon Apr 15 01:19:42 AEST 1991

Well, I lied.  I had some free time this morning here at work, and I
figured I would give David Brierley a hand in putting some new stuff
on osu-cis/cheops.cis.ohio-state.edu.   Grab a new README, because
I did update that.  What's there?  

Thanks to Andy Fyfe, and his csvax.caltech.edu archives, I've placed
a new kermit 5A(169), a copy of the perl binaries 4.03, gcc1.39/gas1.39,
and g++.

Also, I'm going to put a copy of SPICE 3c1, the circuit simulation tool.
This is a source distribution, graphics ported to the UNIX PC by 
James Warner Adams,<adams at ucunix.san.uc.edu>.  The distribution is quite big, 
1.8MB compressed, and it uncompressed to some ungodly size.  It also takes 
about 9 hours to compile with gcc1.39 (oh, so I'm told).  You do need the
up-to-date gcc and gas to compile these.   Also on there I'll put a copy
of the binaries forspice, nutmeg and the other tools in spice-bin.cpio.Z, 
although you'll need the libraries/examples found in the source archive to
use this (so make sure you get both -- hope you have a Trailblazer or Internet
access too!).  The binary cpio archive will save you the 9 hours of 
compiling...  I haven'tfully tested this, although I managed to set up this
on my second UNIXpc.
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