Problems with ISAM routines

Paul J. Wagner wagner at
Tue Apr 23 07:21:51 AEST 1991


I've got a 7300 running 3.51 Foundation Set, 3.5 Development Set, but
an old version of the ISAM routines (v.2.1).  I'm trying to write a
simple database application (create, add, delete, modify records, etc.),
but am having problems when I try linking in the ISAM routines.

The problem is that some of the ISAM routines are not being found.  I've
tried accessing 3 of them - CreateISAM, OpenISAM, and StoreISAMRecord -
the second is found, but the first and third are not.  I'm including
isam.h in my program header file (included in all source modules), and
link with libisam.a by:

	cc main.o a.o b.o ... z.o -g -o dbprog -lisam

Things I've tried/done:
- ran arconvert to bring libisam.a up to 5.2 archive format (needed to 
	do this anyway, but it didn't help this problem)
- tried confirming that a certain function/symbol is within the library 
	by using, e.g.,   dump -z OpenISAM libisam.a
   but dump wouldn't indicate that ANY routine (even ones such as OpenISAM
	that is being found at link time) was there.  (Dump *does* find
	my own functions in my own object files - am I missing something when I
	use it to search a library such as libisam.a?)
- I've also double-checked spellings and upper-case vs lower-case

I may be having a problem with the ISAM routines or it may be something
I'm missing generally re: using the libraries on the unix-pc.  Whatever,
if anyone has used the ISAM routines and/or could shed some light on this,
your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




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