MGR questions/bugs/observations on 7300/3b1 with vidpal-driver

Dave Brower daveb at Ingres.COM
Tue Apr 30 09:35:33 AEST 1991

I got MGR running with the vidpal-driver over the weekend; it looks good
enough that I'll install the vidpal hardware and go from there.  Having
cut and paste is a _major_ convenience.

Question 1:  How can I get screen print to work to my Imagewriter once
I shut down wmgr?  Does wmgr use a filter for screen dumps, or is it all
code internal?

Question 2:  Has anyone written a VT100 emulator that will run in a MGR

Question 3:  Is there a MGR mailing list or newsgroup?

Bug:  I use ^U as my KILL character.  When I type this at a mgr window,
it echos as '3'!, and doesn't do the kill.  When I fire up an emacs in the
window, it sees ^U perfectly fine.  Does anyone have an idea?

Observation 1:  I whacked the blit code so that I could get it compiled
with gcc -O, but it didn't run visibly faster than the stock cc code. 

Observation 2: It looks like the vidpal-driver is 1/2 the speed I'd
expect to see with vidpal.  That is, running the rops test, I'm spending
1/2 my time in user CPU, and 1/2 in sys CPU; I'm assuming that all the 
interrrupt handling in the driver is charged to me as system time.  That
would mean if all the system time went away, you'd only be able to go
twice as fast as with the driver.


"If it were easy to understand, we wouldn't call it 'code'"
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