PS command on UNIX-PC

Forrie Aldrich forrie at morwyn.UUCP
Fri Apr 19 07:11:59 AEST 1991

I'm looking for a pd implementation of the PS command that will work
on the 3b1.  One that will produce output similarly to the SysVr3
PS command (ie full path names and options to commands, etc...) -- and
have had one heck of a time locating one.  

I understand that this type of thing tends to be kernel specific, however
I thought that surely someone out there would have developed a custom 

I'm also curious as to whether anyone out there has had any success
in porting any pd login packages to the 3b1... I've had one hell of
a time trying to do this, and have had no luck.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated... please respond via email.

Thanks in advance...


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