sc dumps core with cursor keys on 3b1

Kris A. Kugel kak at hico2.UUCP
Mon Apr 29 08:36:50 AEST 1991

I haven't had time to investigate this further, if I do,
I'll post the results.

I'm using sc 6.8 .
When I try to move around a file using one of the curser keys,
sc dumps core.  Other of the cursor keys work fine.
This WAS 100% reproducable before I started writing
this article; just now I couldn't get it to happen.
The symptoms are that I'm adding to the end of a fairly
large spreadsheet.  By large I mean 174 rows x 5 columns,
3 of which are numbers (like 22.125), one text (a date: 05/15/90),
and one sparse text (occasionally says "holiday").
I use, say, the up arrow key to try to move to a different cell.
I get the message "core dumped", and lose all my changes.
I'm left with my tty in noecho, etc. state.

One time, one arrow key worked, and another dumped core
on the next keypress.

$Revision: 6.8 $
/usr/local/bin/sc:	mc68k executable [68010] [float-soft] {shared library}\
			(shared demand paged) 
-rwxr-xr-x  1 kak     users    177000 Feb  7 12:50 /usr/local/bin/sc

    677   2713  13292
Has anybody else run into something like this?

                               Kris A. Kugel
                             ( 908 ) 842-2707
                      uunet!!hico2!kak (maybe)
                      internet: kak at

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