Device Driver Docs

Thomas J. Pusateri pusateri at
Fri Feb 8 04:09:45 AEST 1991

Well, I had planned on scanning the device driver docs using some
OCR software but apparently, there is no need for this according
to the last posting from Kris Kugel. (kak at
He and another apparently have typed it in by now. I had asked for
requests as to how the community would like it formatted and so
that information doesn't go to waste, here are the results:

	Format		Number of Votes

	troff	ms		8
	troff	mm		1
	tex			1
	latex			0

It was generally prefered that they not be just obtainable in postscript
form but instead that some form of source was distributed.

If anyone has any other ideas for 3b1 documents for me to scan, I'm willing
to take other suggestions.

Tom Pusateri
Duke University
pusateri at

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