my 3b1 won't boot at all

John "C". Sucilla jcs at
Sun Feb 24 11:46:41 AEST 1991

ward at tsnews.Convergent.COM (Ward Griffiths) writes:
>jcs at (John "C". Sucilla) writes:
>>.... Pick it up about two inches and then drop it.

>This is not a guaranteed fix.

All I can say is: "Works for me (and many others)."

>I have one machine in my cubicle here at CT
>that I have dropped from every height between
>two and twenty-four inches and that same exact
>symptom continues to exist.

Heh....  I don't think I'd drop one from more than 2 inches...
How do you keep the monitor from breaking its neck when you drop it
from that height???

A friend of mines UPC once started refusing to boot, it even ignored
the 2" method as you described yours doing.  We opened it up and found
that the power connector on the motherboard end had a pin go dirty, 
built up a large resistance and overheated to the point of partially
melting the connectors hood.  We had to clean up the spike and female
end with an abrasive.  It worked fine after that. 

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