Interfacing the floppy tape drive?

Jeffrey L Bromberger jeffrey at
Wed Feb 20 12:02:06 AEST 1991

Hi, all.  Had a nice talk with another tape user (met via the net),
and came up with 2 questions.  First is, can I pick up a card for a
IBM-PC that could use the drive?  Since that is the expensive object,
it would be nice to share it.  Would any bizarre driver be needed to
make this drive do it's thing?  Secondly, with what is known about the
interface card, is is possible for some suicidal person (read as not
me) to re-write a driver to make it understand a QIC format?  I
realize that the *real* QIC never materialized, but some may be up to
trying a re-write.  Especially after that last string, about how she
barely streams now.

Thanks again for your support.

Jeffrey L. Bromberger
System Operator---City College of New York---Science Computing Facility
jeffrey at			jeffrey at ccnysci.BITNET

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