HDB and async_main

Chris Lewis clewis at ferret.ocunix.on.ca
Sat Feb 16 09:13:35 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb12.034118.17737 at ceilidh.beartrack.com> dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com (DoN Nichols) writes:
>I would like use the UA's phone (no flames please) with HDB. I like HDB and
>use it all the time on my 3b2's and want to use it on my 7300. My question is
>"How do I use the async_main with it?" I need the vt100 emulation, because s4,
>7300,unix-pc isn't known outside AT&T or the loyal followers. 

It's easy enough to teach other UNIX machines about unixpcs simply by copying
the /etc/termcap entry for "unixpc" from the unixpc, putting it in your home
directory on the remote machine, and placing this in your profile:
Better: TERMCAP=`cat $HOME/<termcapfile>` export TERMCAP.  Makes most
packages start off much faster.
Best: get the other system's System admin to install the entry
into their /etc/termcap, and somehow pull out the unixpc entry and
stuff it into the TERMCAP variable.

Though, of course, this ain't particularly useful on non-UNIX machines.

I gave up on phone long ago - partly because it doesn't work at all for
some reason ;-)
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