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Elliot B Dierksen ebd at fang.ATT.COM
Sun Feb 24 02:54:22 AEST 1991

>From article <1118 at hico2.UUCP>, by kak at hico2.UUCP (Kris A. Kugel):
| In article <1839 at public.BTR.COM>, thad at public.BTR.COM (Thaddeus P. Floryan) writes:
|> wwm at (Bill Meahan) in <1991Feb16.223633.893 at> writes:
|> 	In article <1071 at hico2.UUCP> kak at hico2.UUCP (Kris A. Kugel) writes:
|> 	>>Systems that I haven't seen comp.sys.3b1 articles come through,
|> 	>>that I have seen unix-pc.* articles come through:
|> 	>This MAY be munging up your statistics.
|> BTR.COM is getting a ton of comp.*.3b1 and unix-pc.* material and is fed by
|> only decwrl, mips and fernwood ... systems which Kris indicated are NOT
|> feeding 3B1 properly.

[Some info deleted]

| Anyhow, the whole thing is probably meaningless, 'cause
| some of the articles I saw as posted to only comp.sys.3b1
| could have started life as unix-pc.general, and then
| become transformed to comp.sys.3b1 by B news aliasing
| somewhere along the way.  There WERE interesting things
| in the data, like NO articles in "just" comp.sys.3b1
| from my main feeds.   That's why I'm still wondering
| whether att is carrying/forwarding comp.sys.3b1 as such.

I don't know if this helps, but my main feed is att and I see comp.sys.3b1
only articles.  I'll do some further checking to verify this, but I am 99.99%
sure that they are passing comp.*.3b1.

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