Hidden program and Disk info

Daniel Alan Fleming alanf at daysinns.UUCP
Tue Feb 12 11:37:48 AEST 1991

<ode to a line-eater>

I hadn't heard this mentioned here before, so I thought I'd bring 
it up and see if it is universal or just something cute on my
system.  There exists this file in /usr/bin:

-rwxr-xr-x  1 bin     bin        2332 Jan  1  1970 .!.

when executed it displays the names of the designer team (?) from
AT&T and Convergent.

A question for Lenny:  What is the latest information on the ICUS
upgrade?  Are they still available?  How much?  From what address?
BTW, I've spent a few days nabbing programs from osu-cis and wanted
to say 'Thanks' in public.  Your task as maintainer of the archieves
has run my UnixPC down to 2% available disk space.

I was cleaning dust bunnies the other day and finally noted the 
revision level on my motherboard:  Rev D.  Was that one of the problem
boards with the mythical WD2010?

- Alan

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