my 3b1 won't boot at all

Charles J. Antonelli cja at
Wed Feb 13 10:41:50 AEST 1991

the other day i turned on my 3b1 and was rewarded with a screen full
of dots (not periods; on close inspection, it seemed that nearly every
other pixel or so was turned on).  the dots come into view as the
screen warms up, they don't get written afterwards.  my 3b1 doesn't
put up the asterisk box with the 'system loader' logo.  it doesn't try
to read the floppy.  it doesn't try to read the hard disk; in fact,
there's no noise from the hard disk at all except for an initial clunk
that it's always made.  the reset button in the back does nothing.  all
of the little led's inside the left side of the housing come on and
stay on when i turn the power on.  turning off the 3b1 and turning it
on again at the power switch causes this behavior to repeat.

oh boy.

now what do i do?  has anyone been there?  what did you do?
charles j. antonelli               internet: cja at
institutional file system project  uucp: uunet!sharkey!!cja
the university of michigan         phone: 313-763-0607

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