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David H. Brierley dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US
Tue Feb 19 15:42:55 AEST 1991

In article <1040 at hico2.UUCP> kak at hico2.westmark.com writes:
>Well, the STORE version is indeed version 06/03/86.  However,
>the versions I have on my system seem more recent,
>or at least created more recently.  Note the output from coffdate.
>==== what ==== (by the way, where did I get "what", and where is its man page?)

"what" is part of SCCS and it's man page should be in section 1.

As best as I can reconstruct, here is the history of ksh for the 3b1,
beginning with the version of ksh that was included on 3.51.  If someone
wants to fill in info from before 3.51 they are welcome to do so.

3.51 - a version of ksh from before the first toolchest release; identified
	by the "what" strings "ksh/sh:msg.c 1.2" and "ksh:ksh.sl 1.9".  The
	output of coffdate says "Apr 18 19:30:07 1987".  The actual source
	code is from no later than the beginning of 1986 and is probably
	much earlier than that.

Fixdisk 1 - same source code but with various bug fixes applied.  Same "what"
	strings but the coffdate is now "Jun 26 16:28:11 1988".

Fixdisk 2 - same as fixdisk #1.

STORE! - a copy of the "ksh-i" release of ksh, also known as the "06/03/86"
	release.  To the best of my knowledge, this was the first release
	made available through the ATT Toolchest.  Despite the fact that
	this would appear to be an older version than the other ones, this
	is in fact a newer version.  My understanding is that ksh on the
	STORE was originally supposed to be similar to HDB on the STORE,
	i.e. only available to ATT employees.

So, in term of actual release dates of the binaries we have the following
order: STORE, 3.51, fixdisk1; and in terms of the origin dates of the source
code we have this order: 3.51/fixdisk1, STORE.

If you have access to the toolchest, the subsequent release of ksh was
labeled "ksh88", followed by ksh88a through ksh88e.  I am not sure if ksh88
is the same as ksh88a.  All releases of ksh that I am aware of (at least, all
release after ksh-i) will compile and run on a 3b1 with no problems.

>Where is the version 11/16/88e?  I would assume that version would
>be newer still . . . .

Yes, this is the latest and greatest version of ksh (unless I missed the
ksh88f announcement).  As I said, it will compile and run on a 3b1 with no
problems and it can be yours for the amazing bargain price of $3,000 plus
shipping and handling.
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