Problem with find(1)

Chris Rende car at ramecs.UUCP
Mon Feb 4 00:37:18 AEST 1991

I use the following commands to look for large news postings:

cd /usr/spool/news/unix-pc/general
find . -type f -size +3500c -print -exec fgrep Subject: {} \;

However, the "find . -size +3500c" doesn't work on my 3b1. :-(
NO files are EVER found - whether larger or smaller than 3500 characters.

It does work on other machines... any idea what's wrong?

I'm running a 2mb/67mb system with the 3.5 Foundation, 3.51m kernel, and 3.51
Development set.

Christopher A. Rende           Central Cartage (Nixdorf/Pyramid/SysVR2/BSD4.3)
uunet!edsews!rphroy!trux!car   Multics,DTSS,Unix,Shortwave,Scanners,UnixPC/3B1
trux!car at          Minix 1.2,PC/XT,Mac+,TRS-80 Model I,1802 ELF
trux!ramecs!car     "I don't ever remember forgetting anything." - Chris Rende

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