Ksh (newest)

Scott Bertilson ssb at quest.UUCP
Sat Feb 16 10:37:42 AEST 1991

  I recently installed the new version of "ksh" from the archive on
"cheops" and was disappointed to find that it doesn't cooperate with
"vi" very well.  I *often* use
	:!mv % orig/%
when I'm hacking on something received over the net and have been
very disappointed to find that it now fails because "vi" sets the
high bit on each character of "%" when expanding it and "ksh" apparently
doesn't strip them like "sh" and the old "ksh" used to.  (This is of
course only 1 example of the sort of thing the "%" character is handy
  I guess the only idea that comes to mind would be to zap the code
in "vi" which does this, but I'd sure prefer a simpler solution.
I also worry a little about unforeseen consequences.
				Scott S. Bertilson
				ssb%quest.UUCP at cs.umn.edu
				scott at poincare.geom.umn.edu

Scott S. Bertilson   ...ssb at quest.UUCP
			scott at poincare.geom.umn.edu

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