RTC precision?

Daryl Biberdorf dlb5404 at tamuts.tamu.edu
Thu Feb 28 07:18:21 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb27.195148.4122 at sci.ccny.cuny.edu> jeffrey at sci.ccny.cuny.edu (Jeffrey L Bromberger) writes:
>I know that in weeks past, there was a big string on how to get an
>accurate timer to deal with times less than one second.  Here's a
>trick question - does the hardware keep track of time less than one
>second in duration?  A VAX (and I know that a 3B1 is *no* vax :-)
>keeps a register that increments every microsecond.  Is there some
>sort of hidden register like that on our machine?

I'd be interested in knowing this information myself.  I just got done
with an assignment for one of my classes where the prof wanted us to time
some procedures and print the results out to hundredths of a second.
I know that the gettimeofday() call modifies one of the two structures
passed to it to contain both seconds and microseconds.  If this is a
BSD thing (and I think it is), has anyone written anything similar
for the 3b1/System V world?

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