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Fri Feb 22 14:41:57 AEST 1991

In article <1796 at> jim at (Jim Sanchez) writes:
>After my last posting describing my problem with kernel panics while
>doing ftps to my DOS pc I thought I would include a couple of things
>about my setup.  This is after Thad's hectoring me about using a
>MS-DOS pc :-) (It's a joke son).  Anyway, still do not have any good
>suggestions about the problem and here is the output of:
>(a) /etc/lddrv/drivers

>Neither of these looks very weird to me.  So again any ideas or should
>I just live with it.  It seems to be dependent on system activity and
>I avoid ftps like the plague when news is unbatching.  I have run
>memory tests a while back and did not discover anything.

	Looks like my system's order, except that for some reason I have
BOTH ipc packages installed.  The FIXDISK2.0+IN didn't uninstall the old ipc
driver, and it works that way!?

>Oh the panic is a NMI error but I suspect that is rather generic.

	Just what kept hitting me!  I cured it only by moving disks and
cards from a 3B1 w/2MB ram on board to a 7300 w/1MB ram.  NO software
changes.  The hard drives were mounted external to the cpu housing.
Eventually, I'm going to expand the onboard ram in the 7300 to 2MB.  See if
that brings back the problems.  (The 7300 IS a newer version of the
motherboard, but don't ask me which revision till next time I go after dust
bunnies. :-) The one distinguishing characteristic that comes to mind is
that the second ic expansion area from where the ICUS expansion socket goes
has a trimpot in place.  I had to find another spare chip area, since I did
the whole ICUS mod on the motherboard.  (The 7300 is the only machine I
purchased NEW, and that was at the closeout price of $649, so it had to be a
fairly late machine.)  Both the 3b1 and the 7300 had the DRUN patch factory

	I've finally gotten another ethernet card, so maybe I can try to
trace what is happening in that machine.  (First, I'm going back into the
3b1 to move its ICUS mod to all on the motherboard, as well.)

	I wish that someone had some board extenders, so I could test things
with most of the system buttoned up.

	Good Luck

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