Where can I find a good layers host program?

Troy Zerr zerr at schaefer.math.wisc.edu
Mon Feb 18 12:33:51 AEST 1991

Recently a layers terminal emulator for the 3b1 was posted to 
comp.sources.3b1.  I have tried to get it to work with our computers,
but with no luck.  The version of layers that is installed on our 3b2
computers refuses to recognize it as a windowing terminal (but works
fine with the 5620's we have here) and the version of Layers that comes
with MacLayers also refuses to talk to it.  I tried hacking the 
MacLayers host program to ignore the 'terminal type' response, and
was able to get  xtclient  to go into multiplexed mode, but as soon
as I pressed a key, I started getting  time-out  errors.

Is there a good implementation of the layers protocol host program
available out there for BSD or for SysV?  

On a similar topic, I am in the initial stages of development of a 
terminal multiplexor for MS Windows.  I haven't decided whether to 
use Layers or a proprietary protocol.  Any pointers to good documentation
of the standard would be helpful.  The 5620 manuals I have at the moment
aren't very helpful.


-- Troy Zerr
zerr at math.wisc.edu

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