3B1 Rising Popularity

Mark H. Weber mhw at lock60.UUCP
Sat Feb 2 16:47:04 AEST 1991

In article <6414 at bone13.UUCP> murphyn at motcid.UUCP (Neal P. Murphy) writes:
>shwake at raysnec.UUCP (Ray Shwake) writes:
>>	Well, as it happens, a successor to the UNIX-PC has already made
>>its appearance. Based on the 680x0, innovative windowing, standard monitor
>>and mouse. And they offer more in the way of performance and software at
>>a lower list price than the original UNIX-PC price. Doesn't have an
>>integral modem though. Oh yeah... it's called the NeXT.
>Well, NeXT uses BSD-flavor, which I really don't care for. The NeXT also
>is barely any faster than the UnixPC. The NeXT '030 can get downright
>sluggish at times, and the '040, while significantly faster, still is not
>blindingly quick.

Actually, as Thad Floryan has reported, a more direct heir to the
3b1 may be the new Unisys 68040-based system. Built by the same group
(Convergent Technologies) that built the 3b1, the new system will even
run some 3b1 binaries.

Note that I have directed follow-ups to the new comp.sys.3b1 group, which is
a more appropriate place for this discussion. If you can't get comp.sys.3b1
(and comp.sources.3b1), complain to your news administrator.

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