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In his article: gil at (Gil Kloepfer Jr.)
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Gil Kloepfer Jr. posts the following;

>You might want to check your adjacent sites.  It seems that not too
>long ago, some pretty objectionable stuff was coming out of ureka,
>and perhaps it's being blocked somewhere along the way.
>If anyone *is* doing this, it's probably about time to put the
>grudges aside and let mail start spewing from ureka again.  I,
>personally, don't block mail, but I saw some threats of it on the
>net, and although I don't condone the practice, there are those
>who thought it was the "best" solution.

Let's face it Gil, the only thing that came out of ureka that you
objected to was Dr. Shea's article on your computer prices, and whether
or not you were scalping the "uninitiated". (I'm neutral, no opinion)

Dr. Shea was doing what I understand was a psychological profile
study of the personality types who try to become as someone who
replied to his article put it so nicely, "Net.Gods", and their

Personally I'd rather not spawn such a situation, but I believe when
his research paper on the project was reviewed, it got a standing
ovation thanks to those who replied, those you mention in your posting.
I also believe his paper used direct quotations from the net replies.
Watch for it in Psychology Today. The names will be changed but you
should have no difficulty recognizing the article. :-)

You can find Dr. Shea (alias mike shea) at:

or perhaps the "best" solution is sign up for one of the courses
he teaches and discuss it with HIM ;-)
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