Were vote results posted anyplace?

Mark H. Weber mhw at lock60.UUCP
Mon Feb 4 14:24:41 AEST 1991

scott at skypod.uucp (Scott Campbell) writes:
>It occurs to me that unix-pc.* is not an "official" part of usenet,
>so therefore any vote using the usenet guidelines cannot be held to have 
>power over the removal of unix-pc.* The way I see it is that its fine to
>create comp.sys.3b1.* but the vote had no power to *remove* unix-pc.* 
I believe that you are correct, that the vote did not have the power to
call for the removal of the unix-pc groups. However, I think that most
unix-pc users will switch over to the new groups, and I don't think that
any real purpose will be served by trying to keep the old ones around. The
distribution reliability of the old groups was already suspect, and as
the new groups gain popularity, the old groups will rapidly dissapear.
After the end of the transition period, someone will probably send
out a "remove group" control message, which will probably be acted 
upon by many sites. This will have the effect of further weaking the
unix-pc distribution, to the point of making it virtually useless.

Also, if a message which was posted to "unix-pc.general" passes through a
Bnews site which has aliasing enabled, the "Newsgroups: " header line
will be re-written so that it appears to have been posted to "comp.sys.3b1".
If it was cross-posted to both groups, the duplicate "comp.sys.3b1" will
then be removed, making the message appear to have been posted to only
"comp.sys.3b1". That's how your message looked when it arrived at my site.

>Anyways, I thought the groups had been created but I'm still getting c.s.3b1
>stuff in junk.  I'm not going to worry about it.  unix-pc.* isn't going
>anywhere on my machine as long as I can find a feed for it :-)
Several newgroup control messages were issued, there will probably
be a few more.  For some reason a control message did not reach your
system, or was not acted upon if it was received. I suggest that you 
get the groups created on your system (unless you prefer to read things
in "junk" :-)  ). I still have the "unix-pc" entries in my "sys" file 
(and I probably always will), but I don't expect to see too many "unix-pc" 
messages after the end of the proposed three-month transition period. 


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