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in article <1837 at public.BTR.COM>, thad at public.BTR.COM (Thaddeus P. Floryan) says:
> If it clearly says "test drive" (or somesuch), I wouldn't see any problems
> with it being archived at, say, osu-cis.  I just checked the AT&T Software
> Products Catalog and the 1988 UNIX Products Directory and could not find
> PEGASYS or any variation of that name, so maybe it never made it to market.

The company that produced PEGASYS used Convergent facilities to conduct 
training classes on their product ~1985-6.
As I recall, the product was available on some other platforms (DEC), and
had just been released for the 3B1.
The company was based in Walnut Creek.  (415) 930-0810
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