osu-cis, where'd it go?

William H Huggins eed_wwhh at jhunix.HCF.JHU.EDU
Fri Feb 8 16:38:44 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb5.224837.15308 at momenta>, renn at momenta (Doug Renn) writes:
> I've been unable to get to the osu-cis archives via anon uucp for about a
> month now.  Has the phone number changed?  Is it out of commission for a
> while?  Anyone know what's going on?

In response to my inquiry about my inability to call the Trailblazer 
on  1-614-292-5112  since early December, Karl Kleinpaste 
(cis.ohio-state.edu!karl_kleinpaste) writes:

  Date: Thu Feb  7 12:48 EST 1991
  Subject: Re: Phone Access?
  The TB on 5112 has been dead for a month or so.  We're working on it.
  Amend that, _they_ are working on it -- I have left CIS (now working
  at the Ohio Supercomputer Center) and am no longer responsible for
  things of this nature.  Write to uucp at cis.ohio-state.edu regarding any
  future problems.
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