3 1/2 drive in 7300

John C Slimick slimick at unix.cis.pitt.edu
Wed Feb 20 14:37:20 AEST 1991

I am installing Toshiba mk134 3 1/2 inch hard drives
in two older 7300's. My problem: the metallic shield
from the 5 1/4 inch hd just isn't compatible
with the Toshiba's. I installed one hd over the 
insulating paper on the bottom plate of the shield,
but the 5 1/4 adapters for the Toshiba are the wrong shape
for the top shield, and the power connection is in a
VERY bad place (i.e. unreachable) if I try to keep the
upper shield on.


john slimick
university of pittsburgh at bradford

slimick at unix.cis.pitt.edu

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