my 3b1 won't boot at all

Ray Schafer micro at micrtk.CACTUS.ORG
Thu Feb 14 19:16:26 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb12.234150.29718 at> cja at (Charles J. Antonelli) writes:
>the other day i turned on my 3b1 and was rewarded with a screen full
>of dots (not periods; on close inspection, it seemed that nearly every
>other pixel or so was turned on).
>the reset button in the back does nothing.  all
>of the little led's inside the left side of the housing come on and
>stay on when i turn the power on.  turning off the 3b1 and turning it
>on again at the power switch causes this behavior to repeat.
>oh boy.
>now what do i do?  has anyone been there?  what did you do?

Yeah, you hit the reset button and you hear that "click" but the screen
doesn't change, right? That happened to me as well.  I opened up the
case and reseated some of the socketed chips on the motherboard.  That
fixed it for me.

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