PD version of layers?

Jeffrey L Bromberger jeffrey at sci.ccny.cuny.edu
Sun Feb 24 11:53:58 AEST 1991

In article <DANJ1.91Feb21151051 at cbnewse.ATT.COM> Dan_Jacobson at ATT.COM writes:
>>>>>> On 21 Feb 91 18:28:37 GMT, I wrote
Jeffrey> I'm looking for a reasonable PD version of the layers
Jeffrey> protocol server that will run on a BSD machine.

>Not bitmapped or anything, but nifty in that you can have 10 windows,
>hang up, go to another location, and reconnect to your windows, is
>Oliver Laumann's Screen2 in the comp.source.unix archive, say on
>uunet.uu.net.  Works on Sun/BSD.

I do use screen, but I'm looking for something that does *layers* so
that I can use the new code that came out on c.s.3b1

Is anyone game enough to merge the layers code with Emmet Gray's
Pcomm?  It'd be nice to have multiple windows, and the ability to
download from one while working from another.

Another pipe dream, I know, but one has to dream.

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