date & time at top of screen

Donald Lashomb donlash at uncle.uucp
Fri Feb 8 23:57:32 AEST 1991

In article <9102060058.AA11602 at> mja!aramini writes:
=Lately on my 3B-1 with 3.51 software the part of the line of text at the very
=top of the screen where the date and time are usually displayed, there instead
=will be a strip of stippled background pattern.  When this happens, logging
=In addition to the date and time disappearing, when that area of the display
=turns into a stippled pattern, the envelope icon doesn't come up when I have
=Can anyone shed some light on what may be going on here?

etc/smgr is getting killed (or hung) somehow.  A ps -elf may let you know.

=Is there something I can do to bring the date and time back when it disappears
=that is less drastic than rebooting?

You could restart smgr "by hand" as root.  Look in /etc/rc to see how it is

Maybe someone more knowlegable than me will also reply to your post.  The
real question is what's killing smgr.

Don		donlash at uncle.UUCP

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