Need 3b1-end pinouts for parallel interface

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Wed Feb 20 03:20:11 AEST 1991

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Biberdorf) writes:
|> I was going to hook up the old C.Itoh Prowriter 8510 this weekend
|> when I noticed that my 3B1 uses a female centronics connector instead
|> of the more common DB-25 for its parallel port.  After calling around,
|> no local businesses stock the male centronics-male centronics cable I need
|> and special ordering it looks like it will cost more than I think it should.
|> :)  So I guess I'll make my own.

If your printer uses a standard "Centronics" interface, a straight
through cable is all you should need. I have used several printers
(Okidata, Epson, and Panasonic) on my UNIXpc using a cable that I
made from ribbon cable and the clamp-on connectors.

If your local computer stores don't have the male-to-male cables,
you can get by with a "printer cable extender" - really a male-to-female
centronics cable, and a centronics gender changer. Even Radio
shack carries this kind of stuff.

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