Bad checkgroups/who sends these out?

David C Lawrence tale at
Sun Feb 17 17:16:12 AEST 1991

In article <1079 at hico2.UUCP> kak at hico2.UUCP (Kris A. Kugel) writes:

   In discussing problems with distribution of comp.sys.3b1,
   Eric Porter <grout!ejp> wrote to me:

   > Oh just to make matters a bit worse I just got a check groups message
   > that suggested I delete "comp.sys.3b1" I imagine that will not help
   > the situation. 

   Who sends these out?

Gene Spafford sends out a template which admins can apply to check the
consistency of their own news databases.  He does not post them such
that they are automatically executed.  I personally suggest that
admins a) feed them to the checkgroups programme directly and b) not
use the current C News checkgroups at all.  Much of the heartburn
people get from checkgroups flying around the net is because people
don't control their distribution adequately and/or the recipients are
running a C News checkgroups which wants to tell them that some huge
portion of the groups that they carry are bogus.

   We went through the official voting procedure; how can we get
   comp.sys.3b1 on the official list?  

Don't sweat it, it is.  The next template should have it.

   Sounds like we've got to give somebody a "gentle reminder" that
   comp.sys.3b1 really DOES exist.

No you don't.  comp.sys.3b1 was not created until after Spaf posted
the most recent template.  Some time between that time and whenever
this rogue checkgroups hit town, admins added comp.sys.3b1.  Hence
complaints about it from their checkgroups.  There will always be a
window like this; personally I find it useful in a way to let me know
for which groups I should add some local definitions until the _next_
set of lists is out.
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