DWB for Unix-pc/3B1/Safari 4

David Klann dklann at heurikon.heurikon.com
Wed Feb 6 06:48:09 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb4.172022.28688 at kodak.kodak.com>, crassi at kodak.kodak.com (Charlie Crassi) writes:
|> In article 67 of comp.sys.3b1 jeffery templon replies to the DWB advertisement
|> posted from cbnewsl.att.com.
|> >>can you let us know how much it will cost?  as you might expect from a
|> >>user community who has old, beat up, discontinued machines (great tho
|> >>they may be!) this is gonna be a factor.
|> >>
|> >>						jeff
|> Jeff,
|> I don't know about other machines but my 3b1 ureka has DWB installed on it
|> and as far as I remember it works. I no longer have access to a laserjet :-(

Yes, we do have DWB 2.0.  For those who are familiar with nroff, this is the real thing.

I have two complaints about the package:
	It is incomplete.  Someone chose to leave out troff.
	It is distributed only with the Development Set.

I, for one, would like the ability to generate PostScript from roff source on my UNIXpc at home.  This proposal would give me the ability to do just that.  I also agree with Jeffery - the price would have to be right.

On the other hand...  has anyone gotten FSF's groff ported yet?

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