cmb drivers support passed 6 EIA ports.

Steve Urich beyo at beyonet.UUCP
Thu Feb 21 11:38:23 AEST 1991

		I am a recent addition to the comp.sys.3b1 group and
the world of netnews. Finally got my groups corrected at the sending
end of the modem. :-) Recieving comp.*.3b1 now with conviction!

		I have the hardware ability to go past 6 ports on my
3b1, only to be held up by the fixed binary drivers for the RS-232/EIA's.
The drivers are limited to a maximum of 6 tty's.(+ tty000). I can't
make the software recognize the other 6 ports. :-( Does anyone know
how to change this or know someone with more then 6 ports on a 3b1?
Please reply thanks.

		Thanks again to all that tried to help and gave me
some light at the end of the tunnel...

					Steve WB3FTP


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