Unsuccessful 3b1 group Posting.

Steve Urich beyo at beyonet.UUCP
Sun Feb 17 12:30:18 AEST 1991

		Sorry to say but I have just found out that I also am not
getting a true feed for comp.sys.3b1 and now unix-pc.general has stopped!
I am recieving crossposts that look like original posts only to find out
that they are originating from comp.sys.att, which is the only reliable
group that I can get feedback from my last 2 "Help Me" posts. 

		I am now going to repost the original 2 posts that I send
a few days ago, waiting for a reply on them in comp.sys.3b1 but will never
receive at this time....

						Steve Urich WB3FTP


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