Any interest in DWB for 3B1?

nils-peter.nelson npn at
Sat Feb 2 09:18:38 AEST 1991

We provide the source code for DWB 3.1 to Unix System Laboratories.
We're also planning to release binaries for AT&T computers, but
the AT&T CS folks have only asked for 386, 3B2 and System 7000.
It's all the same code, so a 3B1 version is no extra effort.
I need to know if there is enough interest in this to bother
creating the product.
DWB 3.1 is a modern, robust, well-tested version of troff and
all its pre- and post-processors. It features full PostScript
and limited HP LaserJet support. It is very well documented.
DWB 3.1 has been used to format many professional books
(including all of Brian Kernighan's, the K&R C Language book, etc.)
is used to produce the AT&T Technical Journal (glossy magazine)
and is used by many thousands of internal AT&T people for
routine memoranda, letters, etc.  The bulk of AT&T's customer
documentation is also done with DWB (which, alas, cannot guarantee
the documentation is readable, accurate, etc.)
If you are interested, send mail to:
npn at
or start a public discussion if you like.

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