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Ray Schafer micro at micrtk.CACTUS.ORG
Sun Feb 17 16:22:35 AEST 1991

In article <11 at desktech.DTI.CPS.COM> rhg at desktech.DTI.CPS.COM (Richard H. Gumpertz) writes:
>Editing one's call directory (using the AT&T 7300 Telephone Manager) seems to
>just add to the end of the .phdir file.  How can one garbage-collect this
>file to be shorter and contain only information for current entries?

You're right, it doesn't update... just adds to the end.
Here's what you do Richard:

	1. Bring up your call screen.
	2. Press the Cmd key
	3. Select "Save Directory"
	   (choose a name - it will go into Filecabinet as the name
	   you choose with a ":F" appended to the filename.
	4. exit the call screen, then remove .phdir in your home
	directory.  (You could cp it first if you want.)
	5. Log out and log back in as another user, then bring up the
	call screen, exit the call screen, and log out.  This is
	needed because ph holds your .phdir in memory and you have to
	flush it.
	6. Log back in as you, bring up your call screen. (it'll be
	7. Press the Cmd key
	8. Select "Load directory" and press enter, type the name of
	the file you saved it to in step 3 - but without the ":F".
	9. Tah Dah!  No more duplicates.

If saving your directory fails, try this first:
su to root
cd /Filecabinet/Profiles
ln $HOME/Filecabinet/Profiles/* .
It'll work then.

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