3b1 Expansion Box with Rs-232 boards.

Steve Urich beyo at beyonet.UUCP
Fri Feb 15 08:50:54 AEST 1991

		I have a problem. I have a 3b1 with an Expansion Box full
of RS232 boards. They are the ones without the memory hardware. I also have 
Combo Board in slot 1 with 1.5 megs of RAM. When I boot the diagnostics
disk its shows all the boards in there slots correctly. Combo in slot 1,
slot 4, slot 5, slot 6, slot 7 slot 8. That is were I have the RS232 boards.

		Now the problem is only the first 3 boards are recognized by
the EIA Combo/RS232 software. tty001-tty006 are seen by the EIA cmp driver.
I changed all the .sh's that work with the user agent and also mknod'ed the
new tty's tty007-tty012. However the ports are inactive because the memory
locations are not set for the addition boards, the EIA software must have
been pre-Expansion Box! :-( 

		Does anyone have a patch or know more about this problem?
I know it can be done, I worked the cmb.rc file and all the shell stuff the
way I think it supposed to be added, but I think the binary files are set
for a max of 6 ports and the unix.sym files shows spl0-spl6 something like
that. I wonder if it is that easy just to edit more to the unix.sym file?

					Thanks for you support!

					Steve Urich WB3FTP


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