5620 (blit) etc. on 3b1

Bill Carpenter wjc at hos1cad.ATT.COM
Thu Feb 7 00:47:52 AEST 1991

mvadh> an xt driver disk came with either the foundation or
mvadh> development set...

True enough (I'm not sure in which release it showed up, probably
3.51).  There are two precautions:

[1] It refuses to work over ph0/ph1.  So, if you had the exciting urge
to run layers at 1200 baud, forget it.  Also, because of some poor
logic in how it informs you of this, you might lock up your terminal
(not your 3b1) if you try it (power cycle or reset cures it).

[2] When I called the hotline to ask about [1], they told me that the
xt stuff was too buggy to use in any case.  I used it several times on
tty000 with no problems, but that's what they said.
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