green ground wire

Thaddeus P. Floryan thad at public.BTR.COM
Tue Feb 26 17:39:30 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb25.234056.26018 at> andersom at spot.Colorado.EDU (Marc Anderson) writes:
>Well..  the flag green power cord that connects to to my power switch
>fixture (along with two other wires) got disconnected and I don't know
>where to attach it..  aargh...  is there any way someone could 'explain'
>to me where exactly it is supposed to go?   

The green wire goes to a screw-hole on the chassis between the hard drive and
the power supply and almost along the rear edge.  To fasten it, I usually put
the screw through the ground lug (on the green wire) and move the wire/lug
into position then fasten-down the screw.  Visibility CAN be obscured in that
area due to the brown and blue wires (from the power supply to the AC assy)
and due to the wire(s) to the fan(s).

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