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>Yes, we do have DWB 2.0.  For those who are familiar with nroff, this is the real thing.
>I have two complaints about the package:
>	It is incomplete.  Someone chose to leave out troff.
>	It is distributed only with the Development Set.
>I, for one, would like the ability to generate PostScript from roff source on my UNIXpc at home.  This proposal would give me the ability to do just that.  I also agree with Jeffery - the price would have to be right.
>On the other hand...  has anyone gotten FSF's groff ported yet?

	I'm running version 0.5 now.  I should try to get a later version.
(Anyone know what version they're up to now?)

	About the only problem I remember bringing it up was that one of the
source files was large and complex enough so that I had to turn off
optimization for that file (special mods to the Makefile), and kill off ALL
daemons.  I was running out of paging space.  (I have since re-configured
the drives, dedicating much more swap space from the disk.)  I guess that I
could package up the binaries, and ship them off to osu-cis, but I really
would like to have a later version.  (Almost everything is perfect, but
there is a minor glitch once in a while, when a line is printed using two
Postscript lines.  If the two lines result in a word being split between the
lines, the resulting single output line will have a slight gap between
letters.  (I received e-mail suggesting that this is from missing ligature
characters, which is a good guess, but not the case with the text I am
seeing.)  I suspect that there is a small size difference between the
Times-Roman font implementation the font-tables are coded for, and the
implementation in the PacificPage Postscript cartridge that I am using in my

	It is still VERY nice to have.  I just wish that I had documentation
for DITROFF, since the gnu docs (at least in 0.5) only document the
additional features in their implementation, assuming that you have the
standard ditroff and docs.  Papers from others using it show that it works,
but I don't know how to make it work.

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