How do you change the ua 'kill' character???

Dennis Reso reso at sevihc.UUCP
Sun Feb 17 10:51:29 AEST 1991

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> >>How the $!@$ do you change the ua line-kill character from '@' to '^U'
> >>(or something else that doesn't get used in mail addresses, Makefiles, etc)??
> [suggestion of stty in $HOME/.profile]
> No inheritance.  Putting stty's in /etc/profile and even /etc/rc didn't
> help either.  UA simply resets the characters!

I am using the ksh that came with the system and 3.51 (*not* 3.51m).
My stty is in $HOME/.kshrc, read by every shell, and thus does not
depend on inheritance from the login shell's .profile.

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