PD software needed (repost)

+John H. Walpole+ jwalp at pute.UUCP
Sun Feb 24 05:03:53 AEST 1991

This is a repost I got no responce on the first try, but I posted only to
comp.sys.3b1.  Please forgive the use of bandwidth.

I am looking for a software package that will take a group of numbers and draw
a graph.  Using the numbers input.  This graph could be a bar graph, pie chart,
or a line chart.  Is there any pd software for the 3b1 that will do anything
like this??

Any help would be very useful.

Thanks in advance.


		 John H. Walpole  (614) 761-1300

jwalp at pute.UUCP, n8emr!oink!pute!jwalp at osu-cis.cis.ohio-state.edu
               Don't follow me .... I'm lost too!!!!

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