How do you change the ua 'kill' character???

Bill Meahan wwm at
Mon Feb 11 12:47:37 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb10.063417.5036 at texrex.uucp> rmfowler%texrex at cirr.comm writes:
>In article <1991Feb10.011852.596 at> wwm at (Bill Meahan) writes:
>>How the $!@$ do you change the ua line-kill character from '@' to '^U'

      [most of original posting deleted]

>In my ~/.profile I have
>ENV=$HOME/.kshrc;export ENV
>SHELL=/bin/ksh;export SHELL   <---- I don't think this line is relevant
>And in my ~/.kshrc I have
>stty quit  intr  kill  erase  -noflsh ixon ixoff
>Everything works fine for me, no need to escape my @'s in elm either.
>I just checked from UA too and it works..
>Hope this helps
>Rex Fowler <rmfowler%texrex at>
>UUCP:  egsner!texrex!rmfowler

Doesn't work here, even tried cutting the lines from your posting.
I had the ENV line in my ~/.profile and stty commands in ~/.kshrc before.

I'm running 3.51a with the STORE! version of KSH.  Any reason this 
combination should have a problem??
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