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>|> [some stuff about AT&T's DWB ]
>Yes, we do have DWB 2.0.  For those who are familiar with nroff, this is the real thing.
>I have two complaints about the package:
>	It is incomplete.  Someone chose to leave out troff.
>	It is distributed only with the Development Set.
>I, for one, would like the ability to generate PostScript from roff source on my UNIXpc at home.  This proposal would give me the ability to do just that.  I also agree with Jeffery - the price would have to be right.
>On the other hand...  has anyone gotten FSF's groff ported yet?

groff-bin.tar.Z at csvax.cs.caltech.edu contains the unix pc binaries,
courtesy of Andy Fyfe.  You can get them by FTP.

I asked about drivers and printer support and this is what he said:

# Me:
#> I have an Epson MX-80 with the Graftrax proms and a Diablo 1650.
#> Will groff work with any of those?  Are there drivers for the Epson at
#> least?  The MX-80 is one of the very few fully supported printers by the
#> unix pc software.  I suppose those drivers are not included in the
#> above file?
# Andy:
# The tar file contains all the programs in the groff distribution.  The
# only drivers are for tty (ascii and ISO Latin1), postscript, and dvi.
# If you have a dvi driver for your Epson you should be able to use that.
# (troff does use a different set of typical magnifications than TeX though,
# so fonts would probably have to be made.  (troff uses even point sizes
# (10, 12, 14) while tex uses magsteps (14.4 pt == magstep 2).))  Otherwise
# the programs won't be of any use, unless there's a repository of ditroff
# drivers out there somewhere.  I'm not sure how useful the tty driver will
# be, given that the 3b1 has nroff already.
# --andy

Since you want to do postscript, it looks like you're all set.  Now my
question:  Does anybody have a dvi driver for the MX-80 and the appropriate
fonts at the correct magnifications?

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