HD2 shipping address verification

John B. Milton jbm at uncle.uucp
Mon Feb 11 13:14:44 AEST 1991

They are in the envelopes ready to ship. Below is a list of the addresses I am
ready to ship the boards to. Please check your address and anyone else's you

Important: e-mail me one way or the other so I can send your board out. I will
send them out anyway, I'm just trying to speed things up and avoid getting
any of these lost in the mail.

Two of the boards are still being finicky about working, so only 38 are going
out. This means that Mike Reetz will only get 1 of the 3 he ordered. The list
below is in the same order that the previous status lists have been in, most
recently received.

There still will be another run of boards. If you have changed your mind about
the HD2 board or don't want to wait, let me know and I'll send your money back.

Be sure to include any other updates, phone numbers, etc.

UnixPc HD2 Customer file

P.M.:    Post mark
Recv:    Date order received
Qty:     Quantity ordered
Cashed:  Whether or not I have cashed your money order yet.
UPCG:    Whether or not you get unix-pc.general.
Name:    Full Name
Addrn:   Shipping address
E-mail:  USENET mail address
PhDay:   Day time (work) phone number
PhNight: Night time (home) phone number
Bdn#:    Board(s) serial number(s) shipped

6/11:6/14:1:Yes:Yes:Bill Carpenter:26 Waverly Place:Freehold, NJ  07728::::wjc at hos1cad.att.com:(908) 949-8392:(908) 431-3408::::
6/13:6/16:1:Yes:No:Steve Engelhardt:8195 Diane St.:Line Lakes, MN  55014::::steve at c10sd4.stpaul.ncr.com:(612) 638-7223:(612) 784-7092::::
6/15:6/16:1:Yes:Yes:John Walpole:8406 Waco Ln.:Powell, OH  43065::::jwalp at pute.uucp:(614) 239-5803:(614) 761-1300:#00013:::
6/??:6/18:1:Yes:Yes:Steve Harrison:45034 Imnaha Court:Fremont, CA  94539-6669::::steve at jack.sns.com:(415) 438-2011:(415) 623-8651::::
6/15:6/18:1:Yes:Yes:Augustine Cano:P.O. Box 2382:Denton, TX  76202::::afc at shibaya.lonestar.org:(817) 382-0211:::::
6/14:6/18:2:Yes:Yes:Marty Litzinger:Ohio Bell Telephone Co.:C/O Marty Litzinger:Room 1250:111 N. 4th St.:Columbus, OH  43215:marty at mlunix.uucp:(614) 223-8133:(614) 846-2434::::
6/15:6/18:2:Yes:No:Scott Emery:260 El Caminito:Livermore, CA  94550-4006::::emery at ames.arc.nasa.gov:(415) 961-1467:(415) 358-8851::::
6/14:6/18:1:Yes:Yes:Elliot Dierksen:4061 Dijon Dr.:Orlando, FL  32808::::elliot at alfred.uucp:(407) 660-3377:(407) 290-9744::::
6/18:6/20:1:Yes:Yes:Thomas Tkacik:423 E. Lincoln Ave.:Royal Oak, MI  48067::::tkacik at kyzyl.mi.org:(313) 986-1442:(313) 546-5642::::
6/18:6/20:1:Yes:Yes:Jack Dixon:30W142 Claymore Lane:Naperville, IL  60563::::vogon!jcb at att:(708) 510-6062:(708) 961-5499::::
6/16:6/20:1:Yes:Yes:James Apedaile:366 San Pablo Ter.:Pacifica, CA  94044-2442::::pb2esac!clab!jim at pacbell:(415) 359-1897:::::
6/19:6/21:1:Yes:Yes:Brad Isley:5466 Silver Lake Way:Norcross, GA 30093::::brad at slammer.uucp:(404) 841-4169:(404) 925-9663::::
6/20:6/22:2:Yes:No:Bill Confare:3980 NW 116th Terr.:Sunrise, FL  33323::::hcx1!hrshcx!bill at uunet.uu.net:(305) 973-5443:(305) 742-2890::::
6/20:6/22:1:Yes:Yes:Mark Hartman:1319 Trinity Drive:Carol Stream, IL  60188::::hartman at abacab:(708) 979-1216:(708) 837-5505::::
6/20:6/22:1:Yes:Yes:Albert Hybl:4107 Westview Rd.:Baltimore, MD  21218::::mimsy!mbph!hybl at uunet.uu.net:(301) 328-7940:(301) 243-1710::::
6/20:6/23:1:Yes:Yes:Dave Hanna:3900 Cedar Ridge Dr.:Bedford, TX  76021::::dave at letni.lonestar.org:(214) 484-7812:(817) 571-4071::::
6/20:6/23:1:Yes:Yes:John Campbell:Rt 4, Box 952-A:Flagstaff, AZ  86001::::jdc at naucse.cse.nau.edu:(602) 523-6259:(602) 774-5375::::
6/21:6/25:2:Yes:Yes:David Neill:5640 N. Barnes:OKC, OK  73112::::dwn at swbatl.sbc.com:(405) 291-1990:(405) 843-4464::::
6/22:6/25:2:Yes:Yes:Kevin O'Gorman:5115 Beachcomber:Channel Islands, CA  93035::::kevin at kosman.uucp:(805) 984-8042:::::
6/21:6/26:1:Yes:Yes:Christopher Dutchyn:11938 122 Street:Edmonton, AB:Canada  T5L 0C4:::dutchyn at cs.ualberta.ca:(403) 488-4418:(408) 455-2941::::
6/25:6/26:1:Yes:Yes:Michel Adam:301 Ptarmigan Apts.:42 Con Rd.:Yellowknife, N.W.T.:Canada  X1A 1X6::adam at iceman.uucp:(403) 920-8792:(403) 920-4895::::
6/25:6/27:3:Yes:Yes:Hans Fiedler:HF Consulting:354 Hillcrest Ave.:Louisville, KY  40206-1538:::hans at mongo.hfconsulting.com:(502) 588-6303:(502) 897-7709::::
6/25:6/27:1:Yes:Yes:Frank Pedroni:3997 Wilson Lane:Concord, CA  94521-1053::::fdp at pacbell.com:(415) 671-1442:(415) 827-5521::::
6/23:6/27:1:No:Yes:Alan Lundin:5201 Sweetwater NW:Albequerque, NM  87120::::alundin at carina.unm.edu:(505) 844-2369:(505) 897-0268::::
6/25:6/27:2:No:Yes:Norman Yarvin:Department of Computer Science:Yale University:51 Prospect Street:P.O. Box 2158 Yale Station:New Haven, Connecticut  06520:yarvin at cs.yale.edu::::::
6/25:6/27:2:No:Yes:Neal Murphy:759 Pennsylvania Dr. #23-2:Palatine, IL  60074-1140::::motcid!murphy at uunet.uu.net:(708) 632-5388:(708) 705-5549::::
6/25:6/27:1:No:POM:Scott Ballantyne:2130 Broadway, #1214:NY, NY  10023-0611::::sdb!hotmomma at uunet.uu.net:(212) 362-3448:::::
6/27:6/29:1:No:Yes:Steven Johnson:P.O. Box 7672:Bloomsbury, NJ  08804::::navaho!scj at bellcore:(201) 699-5514:(201) 479-6564::::
6/26:6/29:3:No:Yes:Mike Reetz:Telwatch:2905 Wilderness Place:Boulder, CO  80301:::dunike!onecom!miker at uunet.uu.net:(303) 440-4756:(303) 499-9755::::
6/28:?/??:2:No:Yes:Donald Lashomb:Rockland Form-A-Plastic, Inc.:P.O. Box W:Cranberry Lake, NY  12927:::donlash at uncle:(315) 848-3300:::::
7/02:?/??:2:No:No:Bruce Lilly:41-40 Union St., Apt 14J:Flushing, NY  11355::::blilly!bruce at sonyd1.Broadcast.Sony.COM:(201) 833-5693:(718) 939-3291::::
7/12:?/??:1:No:?:Henry Reynolds:1718 Valeria:Austin, TX  78704::::hdr at nidhog.cactus.org::(512) 448-3617::::
7/18:7/20:1:No:?:Robert Haar:815 Spartan Drive:Rochester Hills, MI  48309::::haar at gmr.com:(313) 986-1412:(313) 651-4183::::
7/23:7/26:1:No:Yes:Andrew Hay:AT&T-BL:75 Foundation Ave.:Ward Hill, MA  01835:::a.d.hay at att.com:(508) 374-5484:(508) 373-7876::::
7/30:8/02:1:No:?:Mark Otto:5133 Heather, #208:Dearborn, MI  48126::::?:(313) 390-5001:(313) 441-4264::::
8/21:8/27:1:No:Yes:Ronald Wright:University of Miami:School of Medicine:5301 SW 31 Ave.:Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33312::medex2!medexam!rkw at uunet:(305) 962-8380:(305) 620-0017::::
9/18:9/13:1:No:Yes:Michael Gersten:12131 Culver #9:LA, CA  90066::::michael at stb.info.com:(213) 397-2717:::::
John Bly Milton IV, jbm at uncle.UUCP, n8emr!uncle!jbm at osu-cis.cis.ohio-state.edu
(614) h:252-8544, w:785-1110; N8KSN, AMPR:; Don't FLAME, inform!

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